/CLAT 2025 Course - 1 Year Full Fledged course! (Preview available)

CLAT 2025 Course - 1 Year Full Fledged course! (Preview available)

Harshil Vijayvargiya

9 modules

Hindi + English

Lifetime access

NOTE- Please read the FAQs and details of the course. The course price will be revised in June and the course would be completed by Mid-July!


This is the MOST AFFORDABLE course for CLAT out there! 


Course is divided into 3 parts - 


Part 1: RECORDED conceptual videos

Understanding the CORE concepts in CR, English, and Law topics (50+ videos).

Videos are being uploaded every week.


Part 2: Strategy videos

10+ strategy videos for achieving HIGH RANK.


Part 3: Live Session every week (30+ Live sessions)

1 LIVE session each week from January, where we will solve live questions and solve doubts.


Team member - 

My team includes -

  • Harshil Vijayvargiya (AIR 501 CLAT)
  • Devansh (AIR 170 CLAT)
  • Daksh (AIR 40 CLAT)

App -

We have an app named WhySoLegal on Playstore, do download it!


Telegram Group -

You will be added to a Telegram Group access for materials and Doubt solving

And yes, I will be with you for constant mentorship!


What you will learn

NO need of joining expensive coaching!

You don't need to join any expensive coaching. The content of this course will be enough to understand all concepts for CLAT exam in 3 subjects.

RECORDED videos + Live Session!

The course would include recorded videos on 3 subjects. Apart from this, 1 live session would be taken every week where we would solve questions, discuss strategies and more.

Every Single Doubt Solved

We ensure all doubts are solved in 2 ways - 1. Through weekly live session, and 2. Through 'Doubt solving group' on Telegram within 24 hours.


COURSE Intro and Walkthrough - Watch this video first

1 attachment • 5.14 mins

Watch this video after enrolling for the course


Recording - 1st LIVE Session - How to Prepare for CLAT and Discussion

17 attachments • 28 hrs


Recording - 2nd LIVE Session - How to solve legal aptitude questions

Recording - 3rd LIVE Session How to prepare for GK - CLAT 2025


Recording - 4th LIVE Session - How to Solve CR Questions and the Right Approach


Recording - 5th Live Session - Solving Legal Questions

Recording - 6th Live Session - Solving Constitutional Legal Questions

Recording - 7th Live Session - How to Solve CR Questions + Mentorship

Recording - 8th LIVE Session - How to Solve QT and Mocks

Recording - 9th Live Session - How to Solve English Section + Tips

Recording - 10th Live Session - Legal Reasoning Concepts

Recording - 11th Live session - Solving law of torts questions + concepts

Recording - 12th Live Session - Solving CR Questions

Recording - 13th Live session - Law of Torts II

Recording - 14th Live Session - Solving English Comprehensions

Recording - 15th Live Session - Law of Contracts

Recording - 16th Live Session - Constitutional Law


Recording - 17th Live session - Law of contracts

Recording - 18th Live Session - Legal Reasoning (Criminal Laws)

English Module

14 attachments • 4 hrs

How to prepare for English Section - Overview


Why is your English NOT good - How to become better in English


How to Read Newspaper Efficiently - Complete Video

How to EXACTLY read BIG editorials!


How to find word meaning 'contextually' - Dimension 1 of Reading Ability

How to find the Main Idea (Part 1) - Dimension 2 of Reading Ability


How to find the Main Idea (Part 2) - Dimension 2 of Reading Ability

How to find the Supporting Details - Dimension 3 of Reading Ability

How to find relationship between ideas - Dimension 4 of Reading Ability

Fact, opinion and inferences - Dimension 5 of Reading Ability

Purpose and Tone - Dimension 6 of Reading Ability

Arguments, structures and evaluating arguments - Dimension 7 of Reading Ability

How to read FAST and Better - (Strategy)


Fact, Inference and Judgment

Critical Reasoning Module

16 attachments • 2 hrs

How to stuy Critical Reasoning - All you need to know!


Why you should 'Write' to become fundamentally good in CR - The 1st Step!

What are - Conclusions, Premises, Fact, and Arguments

Examples - Conclusion, Fact, Premises

Different Indicators and Identifying Conclusion without indicators

Meaning of Assumption and inferences

What are Quantity and Probability indicator words

Type of questions asked in Critical Reasoning

Making critical reasoning a Lifestyle - the 10 months process

Analysing the past year papers - Reasoning section

How to Find 'Claims' in a passage

How to find Logical structures in a passage

How to Find 'logical fallacies'

How right approach of solving CR questions

All about Strengthening arguments, weaking arguments and more

Logical Deduction - End to End

Legal Reasoning Module (Scheduled)

10 attachments • 2 hrs

How to prepare for Legal Section - The detailed overview

Law of Contracts - Part 1

Law of Contracts - Part 2

Law of Contracts - All About Consideration

Law of Contracts - Competent parties

Law of Contracts - Mistake, Fraud, Coercion, etc.

Law of Contracts - Agency

Law of Contracts - Contingent Contracts

Law of Contracts - Bailment

Law of Contracts - Pledge

Maths Module (Scheduled)

1 attachment • 51.38 mins

Recording - How to prepare for MATH section - CLAT 2025

GK - Static and Current Module

1 attachment • 1 hrs

Recording - LIVE Session - How to prepare for GK - CLAT 2025

Detailed Habit Building Module

1 attachment • 59.41 mins

Recording - Masterclass - Why Habits can make or break your CLAT dream!


Strategy Module

3 attachments • 1 hrs

How to Attempt Mocks - All you need to know

LAST 6 Months Strategy and Way Forward


6 months strategy - Session PPT


What will be there in this course?

The course will complete your syllabus in 3 subjects - Law, English, Reasoning with 50+ recorded videos. For Math and GK, relevant resources will be shared for self study.

Would there be live sessions?

Yes, there would be 30+ LIVE session. From the month of January, we will take 1 session each week and solve LIVE questions.

Is there an app?

Yes, the app is titled 'WhySoLegal' on Playstore! Please note there is no app for iOS/Apple devices. If you own an apple device, then you can use through the website.

Will I be added to a Telegram group?

Yes, you will be added to an exclusive Telegram group where strictly study related discussion will take place.

How would my doubts be solved?

First, we will have a live session every week. Second, my team (rankers of CLAT 2023 & 24) will be always available to solve your doubts in the 'Doubt solving group' on Telegram.

Would this course be enough to complete my course?

Yes, your syllabus in 3 subjects would be entirely completed through this course.

Do I need to buy books and mocks?

Yes, you only have to buy books and materials after purchasing this course. NOTHING else.

Do I need to enroll in coaching after this course?

Absolutely NOT. You will get guidance in all 5 subjects + learnings in 3 subjects through this course. There is NO need to opt for coaching after that.

About the creator

About the creator

Harshil Vijayvargiya

Hi, I am Harshil Vijayvargiya. A GNLU 2022 graduate, I scored AIR 501 in my first attempt of CLAT. Currently I'm working as an in-house lawyer for a mining company. In 2023, I published my first book 'How to Kill it at Law School' which has been bought by 100s of students. Do checkout my YouTube and LinkedIn profiles to know more!

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